Vet In Business

A Course for Veterinarians Designed and Taught by Veterinarians

Because when your business works well, your income increases and your quality of life improves!

2023 date to be defined, an intense 3 Days Program to learn business and marketing tools that can be immediately applied to your practice.

This is an extremely engaging course, during which you will discover simple and effective techniques to manage your emotions and stress

Vet in Business is a transformational and learning experience that will teach you how to solve some of the problems of your daily management routine. During the program, you will also have the opportunity to network with colleagues determined like you to improve their professional lives and to reach their full potential.

This program is for Vets working with small animals, farm animals and horses

"Attending Vet in Business was certainly one of the greatest and most useful experiences I have had in my carrier of an equine practitioner"
Dr. Beppe Incastrone - Equine Vet

What you will learn

By attending the Vet in Business Course you will learn in a practical way how to:
An intense program to learn business and marketing tools that can be immediately applied to your practice.

In one day you will learn how to make more money in less time

...and get Tangible and Measurable Results!

Face it: University didn’t teach you how to run your practice as a business.

And managing your practice like you did 10 – 20 years ago won’t get you where you want to go.

To be a successful veterinarian you need more than technical knowledge.

I you want your clients to know the value you bring to their animals you need to learn how to communicate your worth and ask for the right amounts of money so you can pay employees, collaborators and satisfy your owner’s needs.

To be a Successful Veterinarian you need more than Technical Knowledge.
"Vet in Business opened my mind to goals that I never considered before and gave me the tools to analyze the economic and financial state of my practice. During the course, I have also learned practical soft skills that can be used to solve the most common management mistakes of our profession."
Dr. Fabrizio Losani - Equine Vet

What we will cover


As an entrepreneur build up the income you desire for a greater gratification, well being and achievement of the life style you desire

Team Building

Recruite and build a strong and effective team to reach the next level with your business by tapping into people’s greatness.


Create and use simple and clear systems that everybody can apply in your practice and grow your business


The ability to properly communicate the value of your services to the customers is essential to build a practice that will last over time, that will attract the desired customers and retain their loyalty.


Get clear on your vision, raise the energy in your practice, ignite the passion again and get massive and long term results in only few weeks!

Stop working more hours to get the same revenue at the end of the month

You are one step closer to your new Vet Life

About us

Sandro & Simona

Sandro Barbacini and Simona Prandi, founders of Business and Wealth Training Academy srl, both started their career as professional Doctors in Veterinary Medicine, then became business owners. They have great experience teaching in the areas of leadership, team building and sales of services and products.

Over the last 5 years they’ve worked with thousands of professionals, self- employed and companies helping them grow their business from 10 to 40% in two months. They are Certified Trainers of Blair Singer Training Academy. Learning the skills of teaching and leadership from Blair, really allowed them to change their lives and have an impact on many families, communities and business.