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Simona Prandi

Dr. Simona Prandi single mum of 3 teenagers, started as a professional, practiced as a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine in Equine Reproduction and Neonatology in the South of Milano for 15 years, later on she has been part of an international company as Sales Director of 4 countries in Europe for 9 years, and now is the co-founder and CEO of Business & Wealth Training Academy.

In the last 5 years she has helped thousands of professionals and small business owners to understand the patterns that run their lives and supports them in making the change in real time for tangible and lasting results in their business and personal life. Implementing sales, team work, leadership in the Vet practice can have a great impact on other people’s lives and create change. She believes embracing change opens to new perspectives, to new empowering possibilities, because our life is the result of how we perceive the world.

Sandro Barbacini

Dr. Sandro Barbacini graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Parma and, for over 30 years, has successfully carried out his international career as an equine practitioner. He has also been invited as a speaker to more than 30 International Meetings.

He is currently responsible for the Affiliate Quality Control Program of the European branch of Select Breeders Services (SBS), a global leader in the frozen equine semen industry.

Sandro’s mission is to help professionals, self-employees, entrepreneurs and small business owners to acquire business and marketing skills which allow them to improve their business productivity, increase their income and live the kind of life they want.

He is particularly passionate about teaching leadership and helping people building great teams, where each individual can make the best use of his/her talent.

All of this must be done through a personal development journey that allows everyone to express their biggest potential.


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Since 2012 we have been giving Business and Marketing presentations at Meetings for Veterinarians and in 2014 we enrolled in the Blair Singer Training Academy, becoming a Level 2 Certified Trainers and Coaches.