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We help vets to acquire the mindset and the tools to manage their time and stress and build their communication skills, so they create successful teams, increase their income, have happy healthy clients.

Grow their reach and influence in the community.

We know it´s frustrating...

You are putting heart and soul into your business, giving everything you have, sacrificing your personal life to grow your business and yet it isn’t the success you are looking for. We get it, you love what you do but the return is not proportional to the time and efforts you put in.
We understand your desire to communicate your value better, to create a successful and fulfilling veterinary practice while caring for your beloved patients.

about us

Sandro & Simona

Sandro Barbacini and Simona Prandi, founders of Business and Wealth Training Academy srl, both started their career as professional Doctors in Veterinary Medicine, then became business owners. They have great experience teaching in the areas of leadership, team building and sales of services and products.

Over the last 5 years they’ve worked with thousands of professionals, self- employed and companies helping them grow their business from 10 to 40% in two months. They are Certified Trainers of Blair Singer Training Academy. Learning the skills of teaching and leadership from Blair, really allowed them to change their lives and have an impact on many families, communities and business.

We Help You To Build a Profitable Practice While Serving Animals


Events & Trainings

Vet in Business is a course for Veterinarians and created by Veterinarians. Two intense days to understand and learn business and marketing tools that can be immediately applied to your practice, as experienced during the program, and get tangible and measurable results!
Increase your income by 10-40% in 2 months, without working more hours or chasing new customers.




Accomplish and earn more in the next six weeks than you have in the last six months.
Gain the confidence and capacity to set goals that are most important to you and reflect your true desires,
Eliminate limiting beliefs, procrastination, and other self-sabotaging behaviors that hold you back from earning the income you deserve!




For practice owners
Business planning, get clear on the direction and grow your profits.
Start up: build the foundations for a healthy successful practice
Existing practice: create systems, strong teams and grow your profits.
Exit strategy: plan a strategy to create passive income and leave a legacy

small changes, big returns

Exclusive Content Designed For Veterinary Doctors


The Most Important Rule

In this article, I want to share with you one of the things that changed my life and that could make the difference for you

Numbers Never Lie

In one of our previous blog articles, we highlighted how important it is that every person, whether or not they run a business, is 100%


Learn the best business practices for vets in a modern format.


The fastest way to consume new information, whether you are driving, cooking or even working

Ignite your passion once again, create massive growth professionally, be a great vet and enjoy your family and life in the process.

We have been in your shoes, we know how to get out of that place


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